Think “Goodfellas”

meets “The Sting.”
- Jon Land, novelist

♠   ♣   ♥   ♦
In “Fast Jack – The Last Hustler,” the last of the old-time dice and card “mechanics” recounts his colorful adventures in and outside the mob running crooked dice and card games all over the country and world. Think “Goodfellas” meets “The Sting.”

“By pretending to brush some lint from my shoulder I had communicated to my partners that it was time for us to ‘brush’— time to get the hell out of there. All full-time card and dice hustlers had secret hand signals and spoken codes that enabled us to communicate with each other, even when we were surrounded by unsuspecting players. From the East Coast to the West Coast, if you were a true full-time hustler, this code was part of your arsenal. It was a national code known to only the full time scuffs. We called it the ‘office.’”

They call Jack Farrell “Fast Jack” for a reason, too. For a generation, he was the premier dice “mechanic” in the business, a whiz at setting up marks and turning casino nights, clambakes and social gatherings into a piggy bank for himself and his partners. Fast Jack grew out of the era before mega-casinos and easy credit, where cash was still king and gambling took place in basements, kitchens and storerooms.
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